September 06, 2012

There are so many entries in my guestbooks it would take me a year to type them all out but they are available for you to puruse when you come to my studio. Over the years I’ve taugh so many students and all have left happy with new found knowledge, insight and energy.

Mama, Is a great honor to be the 1st student writing in this book. You changed my way of life. You gave me a more balanced way of looking a life. I wish you many more years of teaching millions of students. I thank you. Eitan

Mama, I really didn’t think that I would learn Yoga, but since I just went in to chek out your class I felt that I really had to. your way of teaching is inspiring and full of passion and you have a great sence of humour. I really couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Uri

Mama thankyou so much for those 2 yoga classes. i’ve learnet a lot…You are really good and I admire you for your beauty and your way of living. see you next time. Elin

To my darling Mama, thank you for giving such good support in the last 3 weeks. You are very kind with a good heart. I feel very lucky to have met you and learnt yoga from you are such a good teacher. will always be greatful to you for improving my health, strenght and flexability as well as clearing my head. You are brilliant and inspirational! Claire

Kop khun Ka for everything. I hope many good things for the future. Linda

Dear Mama, Thank you so much for all your lessons, help and advice during my stay. It has been the highlight of my trip to Pai and has been a amazing experience. I will be taking all your notes and practising religeously everyday. You are completely ting tong but have a beautiful heart. Thanks for all the fabulous food. Lolly

Hey Mam you are such a superstar. Beautiful on the outside and on the inside. I will practice Yoga on my way around the world. Lots of Love Maeri

I wish I will be in my 60s just as young and happy as you are. Thanks for your teachings, the delicious food and the talks after class. I will always remember that you initiated Michael into this peacful practise. Rocio

Mam, Thanks for your wise words, insights and instruction. Tom

Mam, Thank you for your smile during your lessons. It made me very happy during my stay in Pai. Mark

Mam, I arrived in Thailand after travelling in Australia & New Zealand. I was used to doing a lot of walking and was afraid that it would be difficult to rest and slow down. Your lessons taught me so much about relaxing, enjoying, breathing & focus. It was great to wake up in the morning and heading of to Yoga Class.Yael